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Shocker: Women Prefer Chivalry Over Looks

Photo: Pixabay 
Shocker: Women Prefer Chivalry Over Looks

Note to men everywhere: Quit with the push-ups and start working on your manners. You may think your six-pack abs are what the ladies want, but they actually want you to hold the door open for them instead.

A recent poll found that of 1,500 single Canadian women between the ages of 18 and 40, more than half prefer chivalry over looks and a hot physique. Although feminism is obviously on the forefront of the modern woman's mind, ladies like the idea of being taken out, wined and dined, and actually having the tab being picked up like men used to in the days of old. That's right: Courting is alive and well in the hearts of women everywhere; now if only we could get men to put it into action.

I don't remember the last time I was on a date and the guy even opened the door for me, and the only man I've ever met who stands every time I leave or return to a dinner table is my father — and only when we're out at a restaurant. Honestly, I'm shocked every time a stranger holds a door open for me or even steps aside to let me go into a building first. I sort of stand there, confused and startled, wondering if there's a hidden camera somewhere nearby to catch my reaction. 

The concept of manners in today's society, exhibited by both men and women, seems virtually non-existent. Peoples' lives often move too fast to care about decency and the ego trumps all else. However, if we could all just slow down, re-evaluate how we deal with one another, and actually use the manners our parents taught us, the world would be a far more pleasant place. And based on this poll, men would be getting more dates!

What turns you on more in a guy: looks or chivalry?