Can I Make My Husband Change?

Can you really change a man? A common question, but the answer isn't exactly clear. Sometimes you don't want to change everything about your guy, but just a few things... like his bad behavior. 3 Ways to Ensure Your Relationship Survives Change

In this video, Coach, Healer and YourTango Expert, Louann Schwager Tung helps a reader who's frustrated by her husband's bad behavior. She's wondering if she can help him change, or if she just has to sit and live with him. What can she do?

Louann explains that the only thing this reader can change is herself. Nagging and being angry at her guy for the way he acts is not going to help the situation. Learn why recognizing the triggers that set her off about her partner and treating him the way she wants to be treated can actually help her achieve the change she's looking for.