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3-5 years


Livermore CA 94551 - United States



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Author, Dating Coach, Family Coach, Health Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer, Wellness Coach, YourTango Expert Partner

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All areas, please inquire



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You cannot find love if you haven't found it in yourself.

About Louann Schwager Tung

Expectation is the first enemy of love. We experience stress when those in our lives do not meet our expectations. These expectations are created by the patterns we saw in our families and society while growing up. This stress ages us and creates long term health problems. Blaming or complaining about others only wastes your energy, creates ill health, and stunts your creativity for making changes. Either you accept and live fully with what you have or take action to make a change.

Yes, stress-free living is possible – it’s a moment to moment exercise in changing our patterns. As a Licensed HeartMath Provider, my heart-based coaching teaches you the tools to change your emotional response to your world which will change the decisions you make and actions you take. Then you become your own therapist, your own counselor! These tools have been proven by the Institute of HeartMath to enhance relationships, create better sleep, improve health, and even tap into your intuition anytime. The tools take only a few weeks to learn and 5-6 weeks to apply in your life and create a new pattern. You also learn the physiology of positive and negative emotions. The actual "Fountain of Youth" lives in your heart - positive emotions create DHEA - the youth hormone!

Since 2009 I have been coaching clients from a VP of Hewlett Packard to children on these amazing heart-based techniques that affect your emotions which are measurable physiologically! My coaching is packaged with an emWave which measures the beat to beat change in your heart rate. This heart rate variability is the strongest physiological indicator of your emotions. With the emWave you can see how your thoughts affect your heart rhythms each second! So the emWave is an amazing, simple, portable device which gives you the feedback on how your body responds to your world.

When you are appreciative, grateful, blissful, your heart rate rises and falls in a smooth pattern called coherence. In this state you have the most blood flowing to the thinking brain! When you are angry, frustrated, worried, your heart rate is chaotic and you just react because blood flow is diminished to the thinking brain. So when communicating with loved ones and even co-workers, it is essential to be coherent first! When someone is upset, forget rational discussions, nobody is home upstairs!

Sessions are one hour per week over 5-6 weeks over the phone, via webcam, or in person in the East San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to individual coaching, I provide coaching with both partners and family members. Learn more about me at Core-HerenceStress relief is only a heartbeat away!

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