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Study Says Men Get Dumber Just By Thinking About Women

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Study Says Men Get Dumber Just By Thinking About Women

It's no secret that the male gender is a bunch of bumbling idiots when it comes to us ladies. Look at us! Our hips, our breasts, the way we smell, the softness of skin (which is completely natural and in no way attributed to mounds of moisturizer) and of course, just the fact that we are the fairer (read: superior) of the genders — we're the complete package.

Science has discovered that not only do men get, well, dumb in our presence, but that the mere mention of a woman's name can have this effect.

Psychologist Johan Karremans and author of the study, Sanne Nauts, distributed the Stroop test (just a basic cognitive test) to 71 men and women and asked them to respond via instant message from a "monitor" that would pop up either a guy or girl's name. While womens' cognitive skills weren't affected either way (superior, see?), the guys, although completely unaffected by a fellow fella's name, failed in their cognitive skills miserably after they heard a woman's name. In other words, their brains just couldn't function at full capacity just because they read "Amanda" or "Natalie" on a screen. It's hard out there for a guy.

During the second experiment, all the participants were told that a man or woman would be IMing them. Even though no IMs were sent, the guys still got all flustered, and again failed. Really? We really have that obscene amount of an effect on you guys? Take a Xanax already. Do some restorative yoga.

The reason for this is unclear, but Nauts' explanation is that men just may be more likely "to perceive relatively neutral situations in sexualized terms" than women. Ha. Thanks, Captain Obvious. 

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