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Love Bytes: Are You Destined For Marriage Failure?

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It's only a matter of time before Americans will be split into two species: hairless, toned millionaires and hirsute, zaftig goobers. Dating between the species will be the taboo-est of taboos. This is evident because men "grooming" their "Netherlands" has become de rigueur (fine, maybe just commonplace) because of porn. (The Daily Beast)

What was your first time like, teenaged Englishwoman? (Nerve)

What is the first year of marriage REALLY like? (Betty Confidential)

Sexual chemistry. Is. EVERYTHING. (The Stir)

The capital T "truth" about bridesmaids dresses. (Huffington Post)

How to have a quickie (speedy sexual session) without being caught. (iVillage)

When does chivalry get out of hand? (Modern Man)

Et tu, Brutus? The porn industry to mandate condom use. (The Daily Beast)

There are some birth control methods that don't make your hormones go all "kablingy." (TresSugar)

Are you destined for failure in marriage because your parents got divorced? (Madame Noire) Am I Doomed To Get Divorced Like My Parents?

Why a particular woman will not date a guy named "Tom" ever again. Wait a sec... WHAAAA? (The Frisky)

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