Infidelity Definition - How To Define Infidelity In Relationships

Are you arguing with your partner about what cheating actually is? Not sure what's considered to be infidelity? Having trouble defining infidelity with your spouse?

Here you will discover infidelity definition and how to define cheating in your relationship - so you don't have to doubt yourself about your partner's actions and behavior.

Why is Infidelity Definition so Blurry Sometimes?

Is talking on the phone with a coworker after working hours considered cheating?

Is going out clubbing with "the guys" while the spouse stays at home considered cheating?

Is fanaticizing about another woman cheating?

You can quickly see that different people will give you different answers to these questions. But mostly, the spouse that is contemplating or even already cheating will be more denying - denying that receiving attention from out side the marriage poses a real threat to the relationship. He or she is busy with the rush of feeling good. He or she is thinking: "I never even touched Jim/Jessica, so therefore I am not cheating!"

Infidelity Definition

Having a personal relationship with some intensity - It's probably at least the beginning of infidelity. It doesn't have to be physical - an emotional affair can even be more destructive to a relationship than a one night stand.

These are the questions you need to ask in order to define infidelity:

1. Is your spouse getting angry defensive when you ask him questions? Is he not acting like himself? This means he is looking for logical reasons for cheating.

2. Is the relationship with the other man/woman completely transparent? Is he always open and honest about his communication with the other person? If he or she is hiding information from you, it's probably because he or she is feeling guilty and know that they are doing something wrong. That can be defined as cheating. Besides, intentionally hiding information is lying - and lying is cheating.

3. Is your partner "defending" the "other" relationship and not willing to give it up for your peace of mind? It's a different matter if your spouse has no choice and this is his or her boss. But if it's any other kind of relationship and he won't give it up for you - it is cheating or heading for cheating.

Have you been hurt by Infidelity in Your Relationship?

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