The 5 Biggest Reasons Women Fall Out Of Love (Yes, It DOES Happen!)

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Why Women Fall Out of Love

Although stories of cheating men are dominating the news and falling out of love seems to be happening a lot more frequently, the situation isn’t exclusive to men. Losing those loving feelings for your husband or boyfriend can happen just as easily to women.

If you’ve experienced this in the past or maybe you're going through it with your partner now, the first step is to be aware of why it's happening. These are five reasons your fairy tale romance could be slipping away.

1. They don't feel adored.

It's important that a woman feels appreciated by her partner. Men are usually good at this in the beginning of a relationship when it's still new, but as the novelty ends, the attention may die down, too.

2. They're bored to tears.

We want excitement! And if we can't have that, give us variety. If a relationship gets into a rut and you end up doing the same things every weekend or having sex in the same positions every time, a woman can get bored and lose interest altogether. Both people need to put some work into the relationship or they’ll find themselves quickly falling out of love.

3. They're way past the honeymoon phase.

Sometimes, we can be completely unrealistic and think that our relationship will turn out alright because "we love each other so much." Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Once the honeymoon phase is over, the reality of the relationship can be a slap in the face. It's easy to ignore all the red flags when you're caught up in romance and passion.

4. They lack chemistry.

Most women are looking for that spark that makes them feel all tingly and giggly whenever their man touches or looks at them. However, a relationship can't be built on sparks alone. Eventually they will fade if the relationship doesn't have substance.

5. They're emotionally disconnected.

Poor communication (or no communication at all) is one of the main reasons women fall out of love. We need to feel connected to our partners emotionally as well as physically in order to love and be loved. When there’s little communication, some women will shut down.

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This article was originally published at Cupid's Pulse. Reprinted with permission from the author.