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WTF: Half Of Men Say They'd Break Up With A Woman If She Got Fat

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Men Say They'd Break Up With A Woman If She Got Fat

Are a few extra pounds enough to break up a relationship?

Most men say yes, according to the 2011 Great Male Survey from They recently partnered with Cosmopolitan to conduct a survey of nearly 80,000 people and discover just how different men and women are when it comes to dating and sex, lifestyle and more.

Apparently, men are quite unforgiving about relationship weight gain, while women seem to be more chill about their partner packing on the pounds. Nearly half of the guys surveyed (48 percent) would say "sayonara" to a girl who's let herself go, while only 20 percent of ladies would dump a boyfriend if he got fat.

How much weight gain sends them packing? The survey doesn't say, but we're hoping slight fluctuations aren't enough to cause a breakup. It's an unfortunate double standard that we have to bust our butts at the gym while men can pound all the beers and scarf all the nachos they want without a worry.

Is the inevitable pregnancy-related weight gain included in these responses? We sure hope not, as 70 percent of the women surveyed said they would like to have children someday.

More results from the survey are available at

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