Weiner, Favre: Women Don't Want Your Naughty Photos!

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Brett Favre, Anthony Weiner: women say receiving unexpected nude photos from men is "creepy."

Politicians are no strangers to scandal, but thanks to the popularity of social networking and sexting, we've got a whole new branch of governmental wrongdoing to deal with. Our prime suspect: Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Weiner sent pictures of his own bulging wiener to one woman via Twitter, and admitted to having such inappropriate exchanges with several women before and after his marriage to Huma Abedin. Is Anthony Weiner Too Hot For Huma Abedin?

We know how Congressman Weiner feels about this whole debacle—he recently announced he's taking a leave of absence to seek therapy for his apparent sex additiction—but, in light of the whole controversy, how do women (and men) feel about receiving lewd photos, especially when unexpected?

Social dating community Zoosk polled more than 5,000 singles asking just that. They found the majority (61 percent) thought receiving an unsolicited inappropriate photo from a guy is "creepy." Men, however, don't feel the same—74 percent of them thought it would be "sexy" to unexpectedly receive a naughty photo from a woman.

And what about the fact that Congressman Weiner is married, with a baby on the way, nonetheless? Is sexting and sending naughty photographs considered an act of cheating, even if no physical contact ever occurs? Weiner has stressed that he never actually met any of the women he'd been in contact with. Rep. Anthony Weiner's Wife Is Pregnant

Again, the Zoosk answer reveals a divide between the sexes. Most women (62 percent) say that flirty texts and emails are absolutely considered cheating, while only 42 percent of men feel the same.

In a recent YourTango post, we asked you to complete this sentence: "When it comes to cheating, I draw the line at..." While one reader suggested that there is a gray area when it comes to the internet, the majority of you said no way—online flirting and sending inappropriate photos are absolutely acts of infidelity. Do Anthony Weiner's Texts Count As Cheating?

Have you ever received an unexpected inappropriate photo?