5 Interesting Findings From The Trojan Sex Census

Are you having better sex than most Americans? Find out.

woman and man sex

Are you having enough sex? Well, the average American does it 120 times a year (or about 2.3 times a week). But apparently, those numbers aren't enough; we're craving more—63 percent wish they were getting it on more frequently.

So say the findings of Trojan's U.S. Sex Census, which uncovered the sexual habits of adults 18 and over in our great nation. Aside from determining preferred positions—both men and women agree missionary is best, surprisingly—they uncovered gender and geological disparities, as well as sexual preferences for adults all across the U.S. Here is what they found:


Geography. If you want more sex, you may consider moving to the Northeast, where they average 130 times per year, or 2.5 times per week, the highest of any U.S. region. They were also most likely to use a condom during intercourse. Meanwhile, down South they're pulling the lowest numbers, but not by much—they average 114 times per year, or 2.1 times per week.

Married couples have it made. Although guys in movies will say their sex lives diminish after walking down the aisle, saying "I do" apparently has its perks in real life: Married couples reported the most sexual satisfaction. However, singles had sex more often—130 times a year, compared with 109 among those joined in wedded bliss.


Location, location. Sex isn't just for the bed anymore—at least, not your own bed. When asked the most exciting place to do the deed, 48 percent said in a car while 33 percent said in someone else's bed. But that's not all; we're dreaming of bigger, better places to get nasty, too. Thirty-three percent of men aspire to have sex on a plane, while 26 percent of women want it on a beach or by the sea. Cowabunga! 10 Dangerously Bold Places To Have Sex Before You Die

Gender differences. Aside from finding that men are much more willing to experiment sexually than women (83 percent vs. 65 percent, respectively), Trojan also unlocked other divisions among males and females. For starters, more men than women buy condoms, which isn't too surprising. Men, however, are more likely to discuss their sex life on Facebook or Twitter (15 percent) than women (6 percent).

Sexy talk. Anthony Weiner isn't alone in his desire to send sexy messages online. Overall, 19 percent of Americans have engaged in sexting and the same number has had cyber sex. And, in our culture of online dating, 18 percent have had intercourse with someone they met over the internet. Anthony Weiner Steps Down After Sexting Incident

How does your sex life compare to that of the average American?