Cowabunga! 10 Dangerously Bold Places To Have Sex Before You Die

Kick up the kink—leave the bed behind.

Cowabunga! 10 Dangerously Bold Places To Have Sex Before You Die

In the book 101 Places To Have Sex Before You Die, old standbys like the airplane bathroom and the kitchen floor are mixed among more creative locales. The book provides tips and handy icons rating each locale on its levels of risk and exposure. If a place is especially conducive to same-sex couples (the gym, duh) or a bribe's likely required (backseat of a cab), Marsha Normandy and Joseph St. James (pseudonyms, can you believe it?) have mapped that out for you, too.


Here, 10 approved locations to help you get busy living before you get busy dying.

1. Halloween party. Add the "boogey" to the man this Halloween. The authors suggest you and your partner wear original costumes ideas to avoid groping the wrong Obama.

2. The drive-thru. Tinted windows and long wait-times come in handy for this one.

3. The copy machine. After-work hours and weekends recommended. As is a good all-purpose glass cleaner.

4. The zoo. Just like they do on the Discovery Channel...

5. Ski lift. Screw the hot cocoa and warm up on your way up instead.

6. Via webcam. A no-brainer for LDRs. The authors recommend Adult FriendFinder for lonely webcam-ers looking for love.


7. On horseback. Western saddle recommended, as is a docile horse. Inventive but dangerous.

8. Roller coaster. Thrilling but dangerous.

9. Hot-air balloon. Boring yet suprisingly still dangerous!

10. High school reunion. The authors make a special note to get this one done before the twentieth reunion. For a lot of reasons.


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