Do Democrats Have More Sex Scandals Than Republicans?

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All the hubbub over Anthony Weiner's weiner (yeah I had to make that joke, it's an internet rule), begs the questions, which party has more sex scandals, Republican or Democrat? The answer isn't that easy. Weinergate: 5 Ways To Avoid Being A "Weiner" In Your Relationship

A NBC list, finds that Republicans out-scandal Democrats 2-to-1. But a Ranker tally finds that the numbers are closer to even, with Republicans having a slight lead in a race that no one wants to win. Really the answer depends on how you begin counting. The forefather of all political sex scandals was Thomas Jefferson, who had an affair with his slave Sally Hemings.  But that wasn't really outed as a scandal until 1998, when DNA tests confirmed the rumors and hindsight gave us righteous moral indignation. Jefferson was a Republican. 

And then there was Andrew Jackson, who eloped with a married woman and spent the rest of his career defending his wife's honor. Jackson was a Democrat. And do you count John Fitzgerald Kennedy, about whom countless rumors have circulated, but nothing has been proven?

Most lists begin counting from 1978, and if you do that, you come up with Republicans: 29 (adding Arnold Schwartzenegger to the Ranker list) and Democrats: 28. It's a small lead. And really, Democrats are just one hacked Facebook account away from catching up.

But it begs the question, why are Republicans winning this awful race? If you ask a Republican, they might say that Republicans are targeted by the media. If you ask a Democrat they might say that Republicans, who are known for touting a line of "family values" are hypocrites. I know one Republican who thinks that Republican politicians are simply set up. The answer it seems, is as divisive as the politics. Do Politics Matter To Your Relationship?

But with all these politicians embroiled in scandal, it begs the question: is scandal really a political issue or a matter of human nature? Elisabeth LaMotte, a YourTango Expert, psychotherapist and author of Overcoming Your Parents' Divorce, argues that its not the political party that matters, but the ego: "Serial cheating is frequently about extreme narcissism, severe insecurity or some combination of the two. It's not clear that either political party can claim domination of these traits. However, many politicians are narcissistic and insecure. They may even chose politics to gain the kind of affirmation that can also be gained through cheating. Perhaps this is why, despite all of the unfaithful and humiliated politicians out there, so many prominent politicians continue to cheat and imagine that they are the exception."

What do you you think? Which political party cheats more and why?

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