Do Politics Matter To Your Relationship?

political couple american flag smiling

Lyz on Love takes on politics and love.

As the political season crescendoes to a frenzy and high school boys steal candidates' political signs, Lyz on Love (a video round up of love and relationships news) is here to ask, would you date someone of opposite politics?

As I admit in the video. I would and have dated someone of opposite politics and in fact, dear reader, I married him. (10 points to the person who names that literary reference.)  I am not going to lie and say that we never talk about politics and things are hunky dory. Because, we literally cannot watch a political debate together without glaring at each other from opposite ends of the couch and then someone sneaking out to eat all the Cheetos, just to make the other person upset. There is no doubt, politics are important to both of us. However, even more important is the fact that we agree that Skittles are a superior candy and the movie theater smells like a wet gym sock. These are the pillars of a relationship. Not all that values and morals crap. When To Talk Politics In A New Relationship

I am sure our political battles are not over. We will soon be spawning a child and while I've resigned myself to accepting that sports teams are passed down through the paternal genes, that politics will be passed down maternally. After all, my mom claims to have voted Democrat once or twice. Although, I try to tell her that voting for a Democrat in Texas is like voting for a Republican in California. Not the real thing. 

What do you think? Is my marriage of political opposites going to crumble or remain strong like the Governator and Maria Shriver?


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