The Top 10 Traits That Attract A Woman To A Man

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For women, attraction is more than a man's looks, especially in the long term.

Everyone knows that in a relationship, attraction goes well beyond physical traits.

In a massive new survey of more than 20,000 men and women, YourTango teamed up with and to find out just how much power physical and non-physical traits hold over attraction within a relationship. 10 Ways Our Biology Influences Attraction

We asked women what traits they found the most attractive in a man, both initially and over time in a relationship. Beyond Initial Attraction

On the first meeting, women find the following traits to be most important:

1. Kindness
2. Sense of humor
3. Smile
4. Intelligence
5. Communication skills
6. Sexual chemistry
7. Listening skills
8. Eyes
9. Teeth/Lips
10. Ambition

In comparison, when it comes to the long term, women look for the following:

1. Kindness
2. Sense of humor
3. Communication skills
4. Listening skills
5. Intelligence
6. Ambition
7. Smile
8. Sexual prowess
9. In a similar life stage as you
10. Location/Close enough to see daily

During the shift, there are some things that stay consistently important—a man's kindness, sense of humor and ability to hold a good conversation (which includes listening!) appear on both lists. But, interestingly, a lot of the more physical traits—eyes, teeth, sexual chemistry—are swapped out over time. Their replacements? Proximity—is the long-distance relationship dead?—and life stage are held in higher esteem. And, though sexual chemistry was deemed less important long-term, women found sexual prowess to be increasingly important.

Ladies, how do your desired traits shift from the first meeting to the long term?

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