10 Women More Beautiful Than Jennifer Lopez?

10 Women More Beautiful Than J-Lo
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J-Lo's hot, but the hottest? Here are a list of gals who we think give J-Lo a run for her money.

First, let's get a simple fact straight. No one here is contesting the beauty of Jennifer Lopez. Because, let's be real, her beauty is not something that can be debated. Your type or not, she's definitely gifted in the gene pool. All we're saying is that we're just not certain she should be People's Most Beautiful Person of 2011. We mean, she didn't really do a lot, did she? (And being just a judge on American Idol doesn't count as doing something. At least not in the sense we mean it.)

Let's be frank, in 2011 being beautiful means much more than just having good genes and a good make-up/hair stylist. Being beautiful also means wearing your beauty humbly and, in Hollywood, it means sharing the good fortunes your beauty has bequeathed you by doing things for others. This of course takes many forms, and one may argue J-Lo on American Idol is "good" for them. But we like to think a little bigger. So while J-Lo is one hot Momma, so are these other women, and we think they're also doing a lot of interesting things with their beauty.

Beyoncé: Like J-Lo, Beyoncé has got it going on in the bootylicious department. Beyoncé, 29, has been seen as a sexy lady for her entire career, despite the fact that she doesn't fit the typical "Skinny Minny" body shape that permeates Hollywood. Embracing your body for what it is and flaunting your figure with sexy clothes and some salacious moves on the stage is definitely a beautiful thing. Beyoncé and her hubby, Jay-Z, are also big time rich, and big time supporters of many charities and foundations, which is also a very beautiful thing.

Ellie Kemper: As one of the newer members of the beloved American The Office, Ellie, 30, had some large expectations to live up to. But now, two seasons into the show, she's easily one of the most lovable (and funny!) characters in the cast. Ellie has fiery red hair and an adorable face with a button nose that make us believe she's just as sweet in real life as her The Office character, Erin. About her The Office cast mates Ellie said, "Being on set with them is like being in a dream, except the dream is real and I can reach out and touch them. Except I am trying not to touch them too much, because I was raised right." We think humor is one of the most attractive qualities a lady can have.

Rashida Jones: Another lady who was also on the The Office, Rashida (the child of Peggy Lipton—the bombshell blonde from the Mob Squad—and music industry mogul Quincy Jones) now stars opposite Amy Poehler (another super funny awesome lady) in Parks & Recreation, which is one of the first primetime network television shows to feature women as its two main characters! (Bravo, NBC!) And, it's hilarious and successful, thanks in part to Rashida's natural comic timing and hilarious mannerisms. Rashida, 35, was obviously very blessed in the gene pool—Peggy Lipton is still a total babe, by the way—but what we love about her is how she isn't reliant on her looks to be successful or popular. It's clear Rashida would rather get ahead for her comedienne skills, and she's kicking ass.

Adele: Adele, a.k.a. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, 22, is one of the most talented young voices on the vocal pop scene today. With the tops of music charts mostly being dominated by singers who somehow seem to have absolutely no true vocal talent, it's oh so refreshing to hear someone in the mix who's got that deep mellifluous vibrato. Adele is English and her debut album, which she released at the young age of 19, went triple platinum in the UK, and her second album (which dropped just earlier this year) went number 1 in the US, as well as in 17 other European countries. Adele lyrics are mature (unbelievably mature given her age) emotional reflections on love and loss, and are often accompanied by a powerful beat and her trademark soulful voice—a combination that transforms each one of her songs into remarkable ballads. If you haven't listened to her yet, do yourself a favor.

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