Sex Sold For $13 Million

Sex button

According to Huffington Post, the company (owner of and has purchased for a cool $13 million, completing the "things guys really like" trifecta. I know what you're thinking, actually having sex with every porn star in the world would cost less. Oh well. Does Porn Make The Man?

One can assume that the former owner of the URL, an outfit called Escom, either found religion or was just completely exhausted from all the it had been doing. Can you imagine the kind of tail you would pull in with that website? It's like driving a Land Rover with the vanity plate "LNGDCK": maybe not the kind of girls you'd take home to mom, but still plenty o' action. Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Sex Advice

Frankly, going to to look up information about sex or videos portraying people having actual or simulated sex is a real rookie move. The smart businessman would have purchased the TLD (Top Level Domain) ".sex". Think of all the things you could put before "sex":, or You couldn't help but trip over yourself and land in some sex. It would be like driving a Unicorn and having the vanity plate "JSTNBBR": you may not get Jessica Alba, but you'd be a golden arrow with the rest of the free world.

This URL purchase is part of a huge effort by big businesses to lock down the last few good remaining domains. For example, Facebook just spent a brisk $7.5 million buying If these sales are any indicator, there is going to be a huge battle between the swine peddlers and the smut mongers for I'd like to note that this URL splurge has nothing to do with the wildly over-blown problem of running out of IP addresses (see more from on that canard). Let's just hope that someone doesn't come up with the next big thing and have to call it slurnf.sucktown. That would be like driving a rusted-out van windowless van with the vanity plate "ED4ME": you better have one hell of a personality.