Is He Afraid Of Commitment, Or Just Afraid Of A Wrong Decision?

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A man's issues with commitment may have nothing to do with you.

A recent article by Hugo Schwyzer on Good Men Project begins as a refutation of the idea that a good, available man is hard to find.

But from there, it transitions into an exploration of the possibility that many men, frustrated by the failed marriages of their parents and their peers, are just afraid of picking the wrong person to marry.

Maybe it's because of the idea that the second Showcase Showdown prize could be even better than the first... or maybe many men are ladling fairytale soup from the same happily-ever-after Crock-Pot as yesteryear's tween girls.

While some dudes probably grow up with a love-at-first-sight notion, and some dudes figure they'll just marry the first broad they knock up (like dear old dad), and other dudes plan on rocking and rolling themselves into an early, widow-free grave, most dudes just assume they'll muddle along until they find someone who's right for them. Few guys have a plan or an idea of what their perfect relationship will be. That's part of why dudes try to avoid panic purchases. Survey: Men Take Commitment VERY Seriously

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