Kirsten Dunst Is So Over Her Ex, Jake Gyllenhaal

Kirsten Dunst

The actress brushes off questions about her former beau's new romance with Taylor Swift.

Kirsten Dunst doesn't have much patience for reporters who ask her about her ex-beau Jake Gyllenhaal's budding new romance with Taylor Swift.

When asked by reporters what she thought of the couple at the New York premiere of her new film, All Good Things, Kristen almost lost her cool.

"Next!" she told reporters when they pried into her opinion of Swyllenhaal. Exes Kirsten Dunst & Jake Gyllenhaal: Not Friends

Kirsten and Jake dated on and off until 2004. Don't think that Kirsten is heatbroken over Jake – she is currently dating Rilo Kiley drummer Jason Boesel.

While the 28-year-old actress is shy about talking about her ex-boyfriends, she doesn't have any qualms when discussing her too-hot-for-the-big-screen sex scene with co-star Ryan Gosling in All Good Things.

Kirsten told Vanity Fair (via Huffington Post) that she thought her scene with Ryan was "appropriate" even though the scene was cut from the film.

"What happens is, I come into the shower with Ryan, and for my character, it's a smart ploy," she told the magazine. "What happened in the shower scene, she comes in and we start making out, and I gesture that I'm going to go down on him. And then I do."

"It's her gesture of coming into the shower and making him feel good," Kirsten continued, "And in doing so, trying to get what she wanted. So I thought it was appropriate."

Fans who want to see the sexy scene will have to wait until the film's DVD gets released.

What do you think of Kirsten's Swyllenhall brush off?

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