Is This Normal? He Talks About Other Women

Single, married, straight, young or old, we all ogle. I'm a happily married woman with a baby and I ogle me some Ryan Gosling. And my husband, faithful stoic that he is, once remarked that Jessica Alba was easy on the eyes. But when does eying an attractive someone cross the line? A reader wrote in telling me that her boyfriend likes to look at boobs. In her estimation, he doesn't just glance, "he stares!" He's even written posts on Facebook about how much he appreciates "a fine rack."

She writes explaining how she's talked to him about how this makes her feel uncomfortable and insecure, but he tells her to lighten up and learn to take a joke. He's even told her, "Every guy looks at boobs, it's normal." Advice: My Husband Checks Out Other Women

She wants to know: "Are all guys this obsessed with other women? Am I out of line for asking him to rein it in? Is this normal?"

My answer: No way. Sure, everyone likes to take a look-see every once in a while, but a full frontal Facebook post dedicated to the chest of other women, or any women at all, that's just tacky. This might be normal if you're dating an emotionally, stunted 15-yearold, but real dudes, don't write Facebook posts about boobs. And while they may appreciate a lovely lady, they keep their eye on the target—you.

What do you think? Does this boyfriends behavior sound normal? Or should she give him the ol' heave-ho, don't-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out?

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