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What Guys Think Links: Can You Love Someone If You Cheat On Them?

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Only 23 shopping days until Christmas. I hope you've checked out all of our monster gift-guide galleries, like "A Guy's Guide To Holiday Gifts: 15 Items Men Really Want," and all of the ones for different love stages, like this one for short-term dating.

Here's the best of what dudes had to say about love n' stuff lately.

Nine out of 10 agree: When you cheat, you're really cheating yourself. Good Men Project discusses the idea that you can't love someone if you cheat on them. Hm, I thought it was more complex than that.

Everyone knows that sex after having a baby is just not the same. There are physical, chemical and screaming, crying, pooping changes that occur. Ask Men discusses what to expect after popping out progeny.

Boinking. Boning. Making whoopee. Knocking boots. Banging. We all have fun words to use to describe p-in-v intercourse. College Candy discusses the crasser and calmer terms for sex. Porking. Good times.

Some words you only expect to hear from the mouths of adult film actors. Em & Lo asks their man panel how to get your guy to watch less porn.

Your guy may not have the body or, ahem, lower body of a pornographic actor. Instead of focusing on his various shortcomings, Evan Marc Katz wants you to look on the bright side. Love him for who he is. Now that's a thought.

While you're judging your first date, he's judging you. Shocking, fer sher. Glo discusses what he's really thinking after your first date.

Hopefully you're not knockin' boots after that date yet, but ya know, we won't judge. Madame Noire gives some advice to a young woman who gets a little coocoo for Cocoa Puffs when she has sex and blurts out the wrong, wrong, wrong thing. Oh, Oxytocin.

Some ladies just pack up their panties and head for less humiliating pastures when things go sideways. My pal Jeffrey Platts thinks that's a mistake. Be persistent in your relationship and good things could happen.

We (men) aren't always super-easy to deal with. Role Reboot discusses how times are changing in the old gender dynamic, but it's still important to stand by your man and muddle through this changing environment together. 

And John DeVore, dude boss for The Frisky, discusses easing up on dudes caught up in a delayed adolescence. Guess what? Playing video games and taking shirtless photos after wrestling your buddies does not make you a child. Good to know.

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