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7 Reasons We're Grateful For Being Coupled Up This Holiday Season

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This holiday season, we are thankful to be married, engaged or in relationships. But aside from the men in our lives, we are grateful for so much more. Here are just a few things: 

1. "I'm thankful for my one-year relationship with my boyfriend Kenny. I'm thankful that he lets me rent Bridesmaids and get low-fat popcorn with hardly a grumble. I'm thankful that with my crazy, hectic work schedule, he always wants to know how my day went and the projects I'm working on. And I'm thankful that he's my best friend and has taught me the importance of patience and taking life one step at a time. -- Mary Wheeler, writer, taken

2. "I'm thankful to say I've been in a great long-distance relationship with my boyfriend, Anthony, for more than two-and-a-half years now! It's crazy." -- Madelyn Perez, writer, taken

3. "I'm thankful to spend another Thanksgiving with my family from Florida; I don't see them enough. Family love is good too." -- Madelyn

4. "I'm thankful for my fiance, Michaelangelo, who moved all the way from California to New York City with me so I could chase my dreams!" -- Mona Lisa Macalino, writer, engaged

5. "I'm thankful for my yoga and meditation practice because it keeps me balanced and sane, and gently reminds me of what's really important in life." -- Mona Lisa

6. "This year, I'm most thankful for the men in my life: my sweet husband and my adorable son. Being a mom of a three-year-old has taught me dozens of lessons this year around keeping things simple, remembering to stop and have fun, and not taking life too seriously. I'm blessed that I can see these lessons as they show up and use them now instead of thinking of them in hindsight. And having a husband who is super-supportive and believes in my work at YourTango has made this year one to be truly thankful for." -- Melanie Gorman, Senior VP of YourTango Experts, married

7. "What am I grateful for? Funny you should ask... I was just discussing this with my husband. As an (old) married woman, I am grateful for VIAGRA!" -- Melodie Tucker, Experts Specialist, married

What are you grateful for this holiday season?