All My Children’s Mark Consuelos On Life With Kelly Ripa

Find out why the soap opera star says he breaks relationship do's and don'ts "every day."

Written on Sep 23, 2011

Mark Consuelos

Mark Consuelos is feeling pretty down today. His soap opera, All My Children, is ending this afternoon after 41 long, successful years on the air. "We are mourning the loss," he tells us. "That was such a great place to work." 


However, the 40-year-old still has a lot to be happy about. He has a wonderful marriage with Kelly Ripa, co-host of Regis & Kelly, whom he met on the set of All My Children back when he first joined the cast in 1995. Plus, every night he comes home to have dinner with her and their three beautiful children, Michael, 14, Lola, 10, and Joaquin, 8. 

As one door closes for the star, another opens. We caught up with Mark to talk about his family life at home, how he keeps things spicy with Kelly, and his new Sunday night reality show on E!, Dirty Soap. Watch our exclusive CelebLove TV interview to hear it all! Exclusive! Jackie Collins On Writing Steamy Sex Scenes


Here are some some highlights from our chat:

On being a gentleman with Kelly:
"If we go out for dinner, I do pick up the check. I open the door on the way into the restaurant, I pay for the check, I pull out her chair, I open the door on the way out. I do all the stuff you're supposed to do." Kelly Ripa Thinks Men Should Always Pay For Dinner: Do You?

On how they keep their relationship "spicy":
"You have to make some time for yourselves, and that's hard to do with schedules the way they are, and especially with the kids back to school. It seems like every night there's some curriculum night, open school night or something! So I think after this month, or these two weeks, we'll have some alone time." 

On relationship do's and don'ts:
"I break both of those every day, so I really don't know! It works great, we have a lot of respect for each other. Our children are our priority and we come from two families where both parents are still together, and we hold that in high regard. So, that's where we start from every day." 


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