Exclusive! Jackie Collins On Writing Steamy Sex Scenes

You know and love her novels. Now, find out what gets this author in the mood!

Written on Sep 19, 2011

Jackie Collins

She's a top-selling novelist with 28 books to her name, 27 of which have made the New York Times Best Sellers list. One might think she would lose steam over the years, but Jackie Collins proves with her latest novel, Goddess of Vengeance, that she's still the queen of the written sex scene.


The book, which hit shelves earlier this month, continues the story of Collins' most popular (and "kick-ass") character, Lucky Santangelo. Set in the provocative city of Las Vegas, the plot includes plenty of Hollywood excitement, scandal, and yes, steamy sex.

So how does Jackie Collins keep pumping out titillating hit after hit for her millions of loyal fans? Watch our exclusive CelebLove TV interview to find out! Exclusive! Molly Shannon: "A Sense Of Humor Is A Turn-On"

Here are some some highlights from our chat:

On a real Hollywood actress who's similar to the character of Lucky Santangelo:
"I would say Angelina Jolie. I think she's so beautiful. She has empathy, she has Brad Pitt, a bunch of kids, she works, she does great performances. She's a fantastic actress and a great do-gooder in the world. I'd love to see her in a movie about Lucky."


On writing those unforgettable sex scenes:
"I just channel my characters and have them do what they need to do… I want to make the sex in my books fun and erotic and sometimes rude – great marriage sex, great singles sex. As I've written 28 books, a lot of people love the sex in them, but also the characters and the story."

On how her novels affect her fans:
"People say to me, 'I was 15 and I was reading Lucky or Chances under the covers with a flashlight. You taught me everything I know about sex. I say, 'Well, I hope that your boyfriend is not disappointed.' And they say, 'Oh no! He's a very happy man!'"

On her own love life:
"I don't want to get married again. I had the most wonderful husband, unfortunately he passed on from prostate cancer. I had a fantastic fiancé who also died of cancer. I don't want to hook-up with anybody that I would have to nurse through an illness again. Maybe that sounds selfish, but I like being by myself, and I like to think about and remember them and honor their memories."

To find out more about Jackie, follow her on Twitter, @jackiejcollins, and pick up a copy of Godess of Vengeance, available on Amazon.


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