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Kelly Ripa Thinks Men Should Always Pay For Dinner: Do You?

kelly ripa

Kelly Ripa, I love you for many reasons. You light up my dreary mornings with your blonde perkiness and infuse Regis' increasing curmudgeonliness with much-needed zest and humor. But I didn't know you were so traditional when it comes to dating. And granted, I wasn't outraged like Jezebel when you said men should always pay for dinner on this morning's Regis & Kelly—but I was a bit surprised. Always? What if you've been married for years? What if you make more money than the guy? Personally, I'd feel just as uneasy if a guy always paid for everything as I would if he asked to split on a first date (that is just tacky, in my opinion). It's a delicate balance, no?

Should men always pay for dinner? Sound off in the comments.

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