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Madonna Likes Her Men Young, Ethnic, And Hot


After marrying Guy Ritchie and living out her British princess fantasy, complete with a castle, Madonna has gone back to her roots, post-divorce. No, we are not talking about her brown hair color, but her love of younger, ethnically ambiguous hotties!

Before there was Jesus Luz (Madonna's last boyfriend who reportedly dumped her over their 28-year-old age difference) and A-Rod (17 years younger), there was the original Latin hottie, Carlos Leon (8 year younger), the father of Madonna's daughter, Lourdes. All three men loved and then eventually left Madonna, but not to worry; Madge never seems to stay single for long. Jesus Luz Dumps Madonna

According to X17, the 52-year-old singer has a new boy toy named Brahim Zaibat, whom she toted around a London club last night and "chatted closely with." (Check out the photos of Brahim looking absolutely terrified by the paparazzi here.)

The couple was also in New York together recently where they saw a French film and holed up in Madonna's Central Park apartment, reports the website.

"They've been seeing each other for a few months but really keeping it on the DL. Madonna did NOT want this getting out before she had time to see if things were really going to work out between her and Brahim or not. Things have been going well so she was about to go public with the relationship anyway," said a source to X17. Madonna On Letterman: I'll Never Marry Again

In addition to boyfriend duties, Brahim (who is not to be confused with the other Brahim - Brahim Rachiki, whom Madonna's rep confirmed she is not dating) is also one of Madonna's back-up dancers and was an assistant choreographer on the Michael Jackson documentary, This Is It. And while we don't know Brahim's official age (although he definitely looks 20+ years younger than Madonna,) or his ethnicity (some reports say his nationality is French,) we can definitely confirm his hottie status!

So, congrats Madonna, you've snagged yourself yet another cute guy, you cougar, you! We'd normally say "Let's hope this one lasts," but we know you're just having fun!

Photo Credit: INF