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Nikki Sixx Is Dating Jeremy London's Wife

Nikki Sixx, Kat Von D, Melissa London, Jeremy London

It seems that Hollywood is hosting a big ol' square dance for all the B- through D-list celebs, because there's a whole lotta partner switching going on.

When Motley Crüe bassist (and one of the best Behind the Music subjects ever) Nikki Sixx and LA Ink star Kat Von D ended their on-again, off-again relationship this summer, Kat quickly hooked up with Sandra Bullock's cheating ex-husband, Jesse James. And now, RadarOnline is reporting that Nikki has also moved on...with Melissa London, Jeremy London's estranged wife. Radar's source says that Melissa and Nikki, who have both fought long battles with drug addiction, are a good match because "they have a mutual and common bond: their sobriety."

The Londons, who ended up in rehab (well, Celebrity Rehab), after Jeremy's bizarre "kidnappers forced me to do drugs" story broke, separated last month after Melissa changed her formerly supportive tune and publicly cast doubts on Jeremy's story. While Melissa has "graduated" from rehab and looking forward to sober life with new man Nikki, it's been rumored that Jeremy has begun an affair with another Celebrity Rehab cast member (and Tiger Woods' favorite mistress) Rachel Uchitel

Reportedly, Jeremy and Rachel have moved on to the Sober House together. Both claim the romance rumors are untrue, maintaining that their relationship is on a "brother and sister" level. Jeremy defended Rachel's honor (ha) in People, saying, "She's an amazing person and [the media] keeps messing with her. I think I can identify with her because of that." Rachel Uchitel Sleeping With Jeremy London?

We tend to believe Jeremy when he says he's not with Rachel because, at the time they would have hooked up, Jeremy would have already been separated from Melissa. While his marriage wasn't legally over, Jeremy was pretty much living life as a single guy. And that's so not Rachel's type.

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