Rachel Uchitel Sleeping With Jeremy London?

Rachel Uchitel Jeremy London affair

Celebrity Rehab costars Rachel Uchitel and Jeremy London think adultery is one of the twelve steps.

Fame-hungry Tiger Woods mattress Rachel Uchitel has allegedly had an affair with another married man—her Celebrity Rehab costar Jeremy London, according to Radar Online. The gossips say Jeremy's estranged wife, Melissa, told them Jeremy and Rachel started a relationship while filming Dr. Drew's junkie exploitation series for VH1. Jeremy denied Melissa's allegations, saying, "Rachel and I are good friends PERIOD. Melissa is ridiculous...she has no idea what she's talking about and she's behaving like a child. Rachel is an amazing, intelligent and sensitive person; she's a human being with human feelings." Sure she is. And that's a very nice way to talk about the mother of your son, Jeremy. Rachel Uchitel Would Like To Be More Famous, Naked

Jeremy (the London twin from Party of Five and Mallrats, not the cute one who was in Dazed and Confused) began his downward spiral earlier this summer when he reported a bizarre, twelve-hour kidnapping ordeal in which carjackers in Palm Springs forced him to smoke either crack or amphetamines. His four-year marriage to Melissa was already on the rocks, and the couple checked in to rehab together shortly after the kidnapping. They have since separated.

Rachel is best known for being the only one of Tiger Woods's side pieces to actually get out of that sucking morass with a fat pile of cash to keep her mouth shut. (Although she hasn't actually kept her mouth shut. She might not be able to, on account of all that Restylane.) She also allegedly had an affair with Bones star David Boreanaz. It is unclear what addiction Dr. Drew is treating her for—perhaps a compulsion to sleep with other women's husbands and then blab about it in public? Or a deadly dependence on artificial lip fillers and spray tan?

Radar reported earlier this month that after completing the Celebrity Rehab course of treatment (Lesson One: Step away from the camera), Rachel checked herself into a sober living facility, reportedly because she missed her junkie friends so much she feared a relapse. It's worth noting that the bosom buddies she made in rehab include sleazy oil heir Jason Davis (yes, the brother of the guy who gave Lindsay Lohan the nickname "Firecrotch") and gross n-word shouter Jason Wahler of Laguna Beach "fame," in addition to kidnap victim Jeremy. Quite the pack of reliable friends she has there, no? We're not saying that particular trio would drive us to the crack pipe, but, well...okay, they totally would. They all look sticky.

Via Radar Online. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.