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Should We Give Our Husbands Permission To Have Sex With Other Women?

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let them cheat

Once, I thought my husband was cheating because he was being really nice and doing the dishes. And that's when I decided that if he was cheating, it was totally worth it.

Maybe every relationship needs a little guilt to remind you both to be nice to one another. But if that was the case, Tiger Woods would be the best husband ever ... but I think his ex-wife Elin and a nine iron would disagree with that.

So are open relationships really the way of the future? —

According to Holly Hill, mistress and author of Sugarbabe, wives should give their husbands permission to have sex with other women, saying that "If you love someone, you try to make them happy."

Not passing judgment here, but not sure if married women should really take advice from mistresses...

Anyway, there's a huge difference between having an open relationship (in which one or both partners can have sex with other people) and cheating. An open relationship involves the mutual decision for both partners to sleep with other people, while cheating, obviously, is straight-up betrayal. It's unfair to one partner.

But it seems like even some experts agree that cheating is inevitable in relationships.

Dr. John Gray, a relationship expert, says that keeping your husband's eye from wandering involves this one thing: regular sex (three to four times per week). He says, "If you're not having regular sex, the chances of your partner straying dramatically go up."

Why? Well, because if your husband is having sex with you, he won't be looking for sexual fulfillment from anywhere else. That just seems like a big cop-out and excuse for a husband to cheat on his wife.

Really, if you don't believe in monogamy or not cheating, then you shouldn't be in a relationship to begin with. Instead, focus on yourself and being single, and then you can have sex with whomever you want. Seems like an easy concept, right?

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