IPhone Users Have More Sex Than Droid, BlackBerry

Per dating site OKCupid, BlackBerry and Droid owners have less sex than iPhone users do.

iphone vs blackberry droid

You ever hear the phrase, "what we consume consumes us"? Throw that in with, "battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster" and you get this, "people start looking like their pets,"—I mean—"eventually our mobile telephones define us."

The good folks at OK Cupid (the dating site) did a study correlating which mobile device their users upload photos from. They then cross-referenced that data (those data, if you will) with personality tests such as the "Slut Test" and realized that iPhone users have more sex partners than users of the BlackBerry or the Android. Is Online Dating Out And Mobile Dating In?


Per Mashable, the test accounted for variances of age as even the sexiest iPhoner has had as many opportunities by age 18 as even the frumpiest 34-year old Androideur. For 30 year-old users, the number of partners breaks down thusly:

Men: 10
Women: 12.3

Men: 8.1
Women: 8.8

Men: 6
Women: 6.1

What can we tell from this? The average gal using OK Cupid is slightly more promiscuous than the average guy. I don't think the math works quite this way, but it would appear that you would be twice as likely to get laid on a date with an iPhone user as an Android user, but would probably be twice as likely to catch yourself an STD. Sexual History: What Your Number Says About You


Maybe the iPhone user just has more gettin' tail apps than the other mobile devices. Maybe BlackBerry users are all-business, and a few want to sleep their way to the top. Maybe Android users are too busy trying to be taken seriously to sleep around. And maybe iPhone users are so desperate for people to think they're cool that they will sleep with anyone. Maybe sexting is impossible with the Android. 5 Ways The iPhone 4 Will Change Your Relationship


Oh, I have an iPhone but I'm not like one of those, you know those, iPhone people. Download The YourTango App For Your iPhone!


Finally, check out what OK Cupid has to say about a good profile pic. Good advice, gang.