5 Ways The iPhone 4 Will Change Your Relationship

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Videocalling, high-resolution sexting and more ways the iPhone 4 will change relationships.

As you've probably already heard, the long-awaited iPhone 4 is here, and the internet is abuzz with how Apple's latest gadget will change everything. Although they probably meant "everything gadget-related," we think that the new phone could do a thing or two to relationships as well. Here are our predictions of how the iPhone 4 will change the lives of its owners: 

1. Sharper screen resolution and better camera will bring sexting to a whole new level. The new iPhone's 3.5-inch multitouch screen, dubbed the Retina Display, is impressively clear. Not only is the 800-1 contrast ratio four times sharper than the one on the iPhone 3G, but it uses the same technology as the iPad and has a resolution of 960x640 pixels. All numbers aside, we can only imagine how the image quality will change the practice of sexting: think of all the wrinkles, stray hairs, or other imperfections people feel self-conscious about being captured in high resolution. Will sexters become more selective about which pictures they decide to send over? Plus, the 5 megapixel camera itself has a higher sensitivity to light, which means that it will shoot better photos in low light conditions. Get The YourTango App For Your iPhone

2. Easy filming of couple videos, er, sex tapes. Since the new iPhone includes iMovie, Apple's video-editing software for amateur filmmakers, couples may find a worthwhile pastime in recording themselves kissing, giggling, or engaging in other not-safe-for-work activities. Maybe it's because we have a taste for scandal, but we predict a flux in on-the-go, 3-minute sex tapes. Phone Sex For Beginners

3. Videocalls will make or break the relationship. Couples in long distance relationships might consider purchasing the new iPhone, as it features a videocalling program called "FaceTime" that functions like a portable webcam. Sure, the phone costs a pretty penny, but the spontaneity of being able to see your S.O.'s face at any given time of the day (as opposed to during scheduled webcam sessions) may make the investment worth it. Long Distance Relationship Tech Tips

FaceTime will also make it possible for people who suspect their S.O. of cheating to demand proof, via videocalling, that he isn't with another person. Hell, Apple products are already so insidiously magical that we wouldn't be surprised if they eliminated lying altogether!

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