Women Like Men Who Send Flowers, Right??

It turns out that women like flowers... sometimes.

man holding giant sunflower

When it comes down to what women want, there are three things I know for sure: ladies love Cool James, sincere compliments and flowers. So dudes, send flowers. For the most part, there are three reasons to send flowers: 1) to escape the dog house, 2) to recognize some specific date (holiday, anniversary or birthday) or 3) just because. In my experience, women like "just because" most of all. Dudes, trust me. Send flowers.


It's really easy. Step one: find her address. Step two: determine if she has an allergy. Step three: spend $50 on flowers. Step four: reap the appreciative benefits. Step five: repeat at irregular intervals. That's all it (usually) takes to win a little affection: send flowers.

Unfortunately, per an informal poll taken by gals in this astronaut's orbit, sometimes flower power turns sour. Women like flowers in three tiers:
(1) All the time. (2) Sometimes. (3) Not at all.  Simplistic? You bet it is. It goes down like this: some women DO NOT like getting flowers at work but like getting flowers at home, some women like flowers anytime, and some women think they're just a bunch of dead plants. So, broskis, send flowers, but be careful. 10 Simple Things Women Want


Evidently, per my EXTENSIVE research, it becomes difficult to protect one's own beeswax when a six-foot, 40-pound mass of nature arrives on your desk. My colleague Genevieve Lill puts it best:

"I love flowers, and I love receiving them as a present. My boyfriend recently sent me a bouquet on a Monday because he knows I tend to get "a bad case of the Mondays" and he wanted to brighten my day. Sweet. Regardless of all that, getting flowers at work is, well, embarrassing. Flowers are romantic; they conjure up such sugary images as swooning, giggling and batted eyelashes—none of which, I think, is ideal in a workplace setting unless you're caught in a Mad Men episode. As my boss Andrea put it, however, it's a high-grade problem. At the end of the day, they're a nice reminder that someone is thinking about you fondly enough to order some flora about it."

OK, send flowers… but only to the house... unless you hear otherwise.

And Emily McCombs from Asylum had this to say about what women like:


Yoinks. So, don't send flowers?

As always, know your target lady and always err on the side of nice until you get whacked in the face with some $70 roses. Women like it when you show thoughtfulness and remember stuff. Women Really Do Like Nice Guys

What do you think of getting flowers at work?