Do Men Prefer Women In Sweats Or Heels?

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You're getting ready for brunch with your guy: what do you put on to wow him? If you're reaching for your favorite thigh-grazing minidress, you might be surprised to find out he'd rather see you in sweats. UK fashion site My Celebrity Style recently polled 1,125 guys about women's fashion, asking them what they love and what they hate about our closets. Here are some of their surprising answers:

1. The sexiest style: the gym look. 67 percent of guys polled said there's nothing sexier than athletic clothes and minimal makeup. We won't be trading our skinny jeans for baggy sweats anytime soon, but we'll admit, it's nice to hear that men like the ultra-relaxed look.

2. A close second: sexy secretary style. Mad Men-fashion devotees, you're on to something. The guys polled confessed to going gaga for a no-nonsense, getting-down-to-business style: professional clothing, heels and natural makeup. How To Get Joan Holloway's Sexy Look

3. He hates high fashion. Only 15 percent of men said they dig a heavily-styled look, and almost two-thirds said they're not into it. The reason they gave? Simple: it looks stupid. But another survey by My Celebrity Fashion put jeggings, Uggs and neon clothing at the top of the list of fashion trends men hate, so we're not entirely convinced they're grasping the concept of high fashion. 5 Fashion Trends Men Hate

4. Less is not always more. Much to our surprise, not all guys love our sexy night-out style. In fact, about half of men think we overdress (is this because you have to wait for us while we get ready, guys?) And a fourth of guys claim they think the "night out" look is too revealing. We blame Gaga—we haven't worn pants since "Poker Face."

5. He loves you without makeup: The top-ranking looks (gym style and the professional look) both go easy on the makeup (even third place, the girly-girl look, required "natural hair and makeup"), and a full third of guys polled said they prefer you without any makeup at all, explaining that they thought it looked fake. Two-thirds of guys don't mind a swipe of mascara here and there, but made it clear that heavy makeup looks trashy. So go ahead and bat your natural lashes at him! 5 Hair, Nail And Makeup Tips From A Guy