5 Fashion Trends Men Hate

5 Fashion Trends Men Hate

You might want to a consider a sturdy lock for your closet. Dating blogger Abraham Lloyd breaks down the five fashion choices your man just doesn't get. When he "accidentally" donates them to the Salvation Army, you'll know what really happened:

1. JEGGINGS: "Don't be fooled into thinking that these skin-tight sweatpants are jeans simply because they look the part from a distance," says Abraham. "We're not fooled; you shouldn't be either." Time to put the leggings debate to rest: leggings aren't pants, and should not be worn as such... even when painted a reasonably believable denim pattern.

2. BABY DOLL DRESSES: "Men love dresses that accentuate the curves of a woman's body," Abraham says. "The baby doll dress consistently does the opposite." Unless you're pregnant! "There's a reason that women in their third trimester of pregnancy wear this dress." Fine, guys, we see your point. We won't pretend that we're not scared a stranger will congratulate us on a bun in the oven when we rock these sometimes. But we're keeping our baby doll dresses in our closest for those PMSing, bloaty days whether you like it or not. 3 Must-Have Sexy Little Black Dresses

3. NEON: We love to have fun with our clothes, but there's such a thing as too much fun, according to the boys. "Neon is any form is only acceptable if you're twelve years old, the lead in a John Hughes movie, or were invited to a '80s retro-dance party." Tell us how you really feel! He adds, "men read into personalities through colors, and neon consistently screams immature." If your guy cringes at neon too, you can still play with color: just step away from the American Apparel leotard, and swap neon green for a turquoise blue or maraschino red.

4. HAREM PANTS (pictured: Minimum loose linen harem pants, $119): We're on board with Abraham here... these are hit-or-miss pants that skew miss: "Simply put, these are the ugliest pants ever created." But that doesn't stop us from trying them on at the store every once in a while, trying to find an angle in the fitting room mirror that magically makes them look effortlessly chic, not certifiably crazy. Why do guys hate it? Probably because they make your ass look like it's swinging somewhere down by your calves. Abraham adds: "Devoid of curves, drowning in layers, and saddled with a droopy crotch, you should only wear them if you want to hide the fact that you're a woman." 5 Sexy Summer Fashion Trends Men Love

5. UGGs: Abraham calls them the "anti-heel." There are two times it's OK to wear them, he says: "it's snowing; you're naked." We don't disagree: UGGs are the cockroaches of fashion. So what's wrong with them? Abraham says: "Slightly bulky, puffy, and flat, these boots represent everything that men dislike about women's footwear. Wear them sparingly."