Do You Buy Your Affairs Gifts??

Do you buy your affairs gifts??

As far as I can see, there are only two reasons to buy gifts for someone you are having an affair with: 1. to thank the person you are cheating with for agreeing to perform unspeakable and in-human sex acts, or 2. to keep the person you are having an affair with quiet.

But seriously… I was serious. Buying gifts, particularly gifts that are clear romantic tokens of affection insinuate that you have real feelings for the person you are bestowing them upon. Unless you mean business and you are seriously considering ending your marriage or relationship to take up with this other man or other woman full time, I highly caution against lavishing gifts onto the person you are having an affair with. You will be sending serious mixed messages, while at the same time giving this other person an nice little arsenal of evidence against you in the future should the sh*t hit the fan with your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend.

While I can understand the temptation to purchase things like that kinky lingerie that your wife would never agree to wear so that you can enjoy your cheating experience full throttle, the risks outweigh the benefits. cheating wives are not as likely to buy gifts for an affair, and are in all likelihood on the receiving end of...... to read the rest of this story, others, or to comment check out cheatconfession

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