4 Signs A Guy Is Too Good To Be True

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ali bachelorette sitting with justin

When we first met current Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, she was leaving last season's The Bachelor to fulfill obligations to her job. This season, in what is arguably the most dramatic departure the show has seen, it was contestant Justin Rego's lying schemes that put a damper on Ali's search for Mr. Right.

At the beginning of last night's episode, Ali receives a call from Justin's sobbing girlfriend Jessica--yes, girlfriend—admitting that she and Justin have been in contact during his appearance on the show, and that before he left, he'd assured her that he was competing only to further his career and to make it possible for the two to be together in the future. To add to the scandal, Jessica informed Ali that Justin had another girlfriend. When Ali confronts Justin, he immediately packs his bags and bolts, forcing her to follow him as tries to hide from her and the cameras. Needless to say, he was sent home without a rose within the first 15 minutes of the show.

As we watched Justin awkwardly hobble (he's recovering from a foot injury he sustained before the season started filming) through flowerbeds and across fountains in a complete act of cowardice to avoid confrontation last night, we were reminded of when just a few weeks ago, he limped a few miles to surprise Ali with an impromptu visit. 

We wonder—how did Justin have everyone fooled? Did his career in entertainment wrestling give him some practice with real acting? (We doubt it.) Was it his injury that made us sympathize with him? (Maybe.) Or was it that his boyish good looks combined with his seemingly charming ways that won us over? (Most likely.)

Yet even amidst the sweet, unscheduled visit and surreal helicopter ride in Iceland, there were signs that Justin may not be the handsome hobbling hunk he originally depicted himself to be. Here are some hints that the man in your life may be nothing more than a secret scoundrel. Liar Liar! Why We Lie And How To Spot A Liar

1. He's perfect.
As perfect as a man may seem, remember: he's still human. Perfect on paper doesn't always equate to perfect for you. The old adage still rings true: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If he's doing and saying all of the right things, it may be that you're lucky enough to have found yourself a keeper. But it might also be that he's trying too hard to hide a side of himself from you. Even Ali mentioned that Justin continually told her that he was "here for the right reasons." Seems like a little much, right? If a man is interested in you, and your connection is genuine, he won't need to overcompensate. Period. 6 Red Flag Phrases That Should Send You Running

2.  He's hot, then he's cold.
The reality is that all men need their space, but if a guy is extremely attentive one day and then incredibly distant and indifferent the next, it may be a sign that his heart isn't 100 percent in the relationship. Maybe he doesn't know what he wants, or maybe he's seeing another woman. Regardless of the reason, we just know it's a sign that you need to show him that you can get along without him, too.

3. Other people speak unfavorably about him.
When Ali gave the other contestants an opportunity to vote for whom they would eliminate, Justin was the clear choice. While we can certainly understand her hesitation to believe everything Justin's competition might be saying about him, eventually it should have become difficult for her to believe that Justin was truly a sweet—and simply misunderstood—guy. If you bring your guy around people who care about you, and they suggest that something may not be right, listen to what they have to say. You may know him best, but it's sometimes easier for someone outside of the relationship to point out what you've missed. My Friends Hate My Boyfriend

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4. When confronted with conflicts, he runs.
In this case, Justin literally ran—er, hobbled—from Ali. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes, but if you approach a guy about his lies, and he makes no effort to accept responsibility for his choices, or, worse yet, he continues to deny lying, it's you who should be running from him. Don't give him a chance to lie to you again.

Although these stealth, smooth-talking guys exist in abundance, in reality TV and reality, life goes on. Cut your losses, realize you're smarter for the next time, and thank him for helping you to realize what real men look like—hellooo, Roberto—as opposed to boys just playing the part. Get daily love advice direct to your inbox. Sign up for the YourTango newsletter.