Oprah's Doctor: Sex Is The Fountain Of Youth

The most enjoyable way to ensure you live longer? Sex! Oprah's Dr. Oz says so.


You might be surprised to learn how much sex you should get a week.

If you're the type to stock up on organic vegetables, get a square eight hours of sleep and 30 minutes of daily exercise, then add another point to the check list: sex twice a week. Doctor's orders; go out and get yourself some nookie if you ever want to cash in your hard-earned savings and purchase that retirement villa in the South of France. Sex is like the fountain of youth. In fact, your lack of sex could be killing you! Or at least making you less healthy. Sigh. This explains so much. Sex After 40 Is Smoking


According to Oprah Winfrey's doctor of choice, Dr. Oz, the biggest problem facing Americans isn't obesity but a "sexual famine." What is sexual famine? Sex once a week. (Sigh.) Dr. Oz took a survey and found that most Americans get laid roughly four times a month, which sounds outrageously generous, but he thinks this is far too little. In fact, this figure ought to be doubled. At least.

The average American has sex once a week, and we know from studies, that doubling that to twice a week can mean you live three years longer. I think you can say it's an excuse to have more sex.

OK, this is a new health rule we can certainly literally and figuratively get behind, but what's his evidence? Is it a chemical thing? A cardiovascular thing? An orgasm thing? A sperm retention thing? Does sex keep the body young? Sex Does A Body Good


Well, digging a bit deeper it seems he unearthed several studies tracking men and their sex habits, and found those who had the most sex lived the longest. We've long known the penis is the barometer of male health, so it logically makes sense that those who are sexually revved up later on in life are healthiest, not to mention probably rich with companionship. But what about women?

For women, it's not about amount of sex. It's about quality of sex. They need loving, nurturing, sexual relationships in their lives. So if it's loving and nutritive and conjugal, then, of course, it works for them as well. That data, by the way, doesn't have an asymptote, so if you double it again, you get that much more benefit.

Ah, we get it. So this is basically everything we already know just dressed up in fad-like health mumbo jumbo speak. Sex and companionship, good. Loneliness and no sex, bad. LonelinessIs Worse For You Than Smoking

Got it.


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