Sex After 40 Is Smoking

The most sizzling sex may be happening with middle-aged lov-ahs. Take that young Hollywood!

sex after 40

The female psyche will never recover from the pop cultural icon that was (is) Sex and the City's Samantha Jones.

There she was. A blissfully single and liberated woman pushing fifty, who had zero desire to allow conventional wisdom or age slow her sexual prowess. (Not to mention tarnish her good looks.)

Women. Everywhere. Ate. It. Up.

The appeal was undeniable for lots of reasons, but Samantha Jones certainly took the edge off female aging. She made sex after forty seem not only attainable, normal, and smoking hot but aged to perfection. Like a fine wine.


Britain's Sun attempted to put a damper on this particular female fantasy by reporting some random skin care survey saying "younger" women have sex 10.4 times a month and "older" women only 4.5 times a month.

Wisely, the paper chose to consult with three women over 40 to find if they're less, more or equally as sexually satisfied as when they were younger, "slimmer" whipper-snappers.

Survey said? Hands down. Sex after forty is best. By a long shot. It just seems to get better for women, they say. Mostly because of our pesky body issues (stop it girls!) and other inane insecurities. Ironically, our bodies are probably at their most conventionally attractive. (Unless you're Jennifer Aniston) So cut it out ladies.


Sarah Bennet, a 42-year-old mother of two, still doesn't feel like she's hit her sexual peak.  As did all three women, she complained about low self- esteem as a twenty-something. She'd have sex "just for the sake of it" because she wanted guys to like her.  Now she's "more able to talk about what she likes and doesn't like." And still enjoys the random one night stand every once in a while, too.

Deborah Crew, a happily married 47-year-old avoided sex while in her 20s due to a nasty bout of anorexia. She was needy and insecure (i.e.. not sexual). After a failed marriage, she met her current husband who "loves every wrinkle and line." The unconditional love makes her feel all warm and fuzzy, and her increased work success makes her "ooze sexual confidence. "She and her husband have sex as often as possible, she says.

Lastly, Ann Lee a 49-year-old single mother of two, says "without a doubt, sex gets better as you get older. It's all to do with confidence." Although she's "bigger" she's much happier and more comfortable in her skin as she approaches fifty. She married and had children young, but thinks back on the sex with the ex as "functional" and "probably wasn't great for either of us." She attributes her fantastic sex life not to feeling secure in her current relationship.

Unfortunately, it seems the fairer sex is a complicated breed when it comes to the bedroom. So the next time you catch an unflattering glimpse of yourself immediately hit "delete." Hon, there ain't nothing but you getting in the way of you enjoying smoking hot middle-aged Samantha Jones sex decades earlier.