Indonesian Man Marries Cow

man milking cow drawing

A young man was enchanted by a cow and had to make an honest bovine out of her.

And now from the files of the prurient... Per PopFi.com (short for "Popular Fidelity"), another black eye has appeared on the beautiful face of Indonesia. As you likely know, the 2-year old smoking cigarettes on YouTube is from the archepeligo nation (per CBS4Denver.com, that little scamp is down to 15 smokes a day AND only 3 bottles of Nicorette formula*) and now they seem to have forced a guy to marry a cow.

The story goes that a young man from a village called Yeh Embang was briefly enchanted by a member of the bovine species and, I'll be damned, made it with that cow. Clearly, we're dealing with somewhat less than a full deck OR the young man was accurate in his assessment that the cow shape shifted into the form a comely woman and seduced him. His friends and neighbors were nearly as incredulous as you or I may have been and solved the bestiality problem the only way you can: feeding the beast.

Taking a note from the bad parenting playbook (like when you catch your kid smoking and make 'em finish a pack so they'll associate smoking with sickness**), the town elders had him marry the cow. The headman said (in effect), "If you love that cow so much, why don't you marry her?" So, marry her he did. And then, after making the man marry the uddered mammal, the villagers drowned her. They also pretended to drown groom in order to exorcise the village of the shameful spirit of bestiality.

A minor irony of whole thing is that the young gigolos of Kuta (a relatively short drive up the southern coast of Bali) are referred to as "Kuta Cowboys." Hey, hot shot, why don't you take a trip up the coast and find out what a real cowboy is? No so glamorous, is it? And stop giving kids smokes, while you're at it. Sheesh. Read: Do Indonesian Authorities Hate The Male Member?

General thoughts, feelings, et cetera on the situation? Should we start considering milking to be foreplay?

*Note: No one has reported the Nicorette bit.

**Note: Similar to aversion therapy.