6 Ways To Look Like A Knockout On Date Night

Wow him on date night with these quick and tried-and-true expert beauty tips.

woman putting on mascara

How to look a size smaller, get lips Angelina Jolie would envy, make your makeup last all night, and more: our tried-and-true expert beauty tips for Date Night.

For soaking up scent: Doing the walk of shame after a night out? No need to smell like it, too. Swipe a fabric-softener sheet along your hair before you walk out the door: it'll absorb the scent of smoke, spilled booze, and bad decisions.

For dropping a size instantly: go for the bronze. Look better naked and drop five pounds in five minutes with carefully applied faux tanning lotion. Choose a self-tanner one shade darker than your natural skin tone and apply in an egg shape on each side of your waist, starting right below the rib cage for an instant slim-down.


For fresh hair: keep baby powder (if you're blonde) or bronzer (if you're a brunette) in your purse. If you go a little overboard with the hair product before heading out on a date, just touch up your roots with the powder every couple of hours: it'll soak up excess oil, keeping you looking shower fresh.

For super smooth legs: ditch the shaving cream and shave with baby oil instead. It softens the hair and ski, giving you a closer shave, and leaves a lasting touch-me sheen on your legs. 4 DIY Beauty Secrets From His Medicine Cabinet

For eye makeup that lasts all night: powder your eyelids before applying eyeshadow, liner, or mascara. The powder creates a base for your eye makeup to hold on to and primes your lashes for mascara.


For a kissable, Angelina Jolie pout: add a dab of shimmer to your bottom lip. For the most natural results, use a shimmery eye shadow in a pale pink, and use your pinky finger for light, barely-there application. Kissable Lip Gloss: 6 Splurge Or Save Glosses

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