Celebrating Marriage: 15 Stories That Inspire

YourTango rounds up our best stories about marriage.


Love and marriage on the best of days they go together like a horse and carriage. On other days, lets just say they work together as well as cream cheese and Cheetos. But through it all, many marriages have thrived. In fact, the average American marriage is lasting longer and despite what Tiger Woods would have us believe, divorce rates are falling.  In celebration of marriage and all things love, YourTango has a round up of the top 10 stories and advice about and for your marriage.


7 Steps to a Happier Marriage 
Remembering that no one is perfect and pondering your partners good qualities go a long way to keeping you happy in your marriage.

Real-Life Heart-Melting Love Stories
True love really does exist. These stories will turn a crusty curmudgeon into a big ol' softy.

3 Zen Ways to Keep Connected After Having Kids
Nothing brings more joy and more stress to a marriage than kids. Here are some tips to keep your marriage thriving, when all you want to talk about is poop and Cheerios.

 How to Save a Marriage from Unemployment Woes
The recession was a sucker punch in the gut to many relationships. We share tips on how to take that blow and keep standing.


The Best Marriage Advice You Can Get
Couples who have been married 50 years or more share what it takes to make a marriage work.

What to Do if Your Spouse is Depressed
Depression can stress out your marriage, but it doesn't have to.

Marriage Isn't Always 50/50
Marriage isn't a 50/50 proposition. It takes both spouses giving 100% and shouldering the burden when the other is down for the count.

4 Books for Every Couple's Summer Reading List
The couple that reads together stays together.

How to Save Your Marriage
Sometimes you have to unfriend your spouse in order to make it work. Unfriend them on Facebook that is.

How to Fight Fair
Every couple fights, but there is a big difference between fighting for keeps and fighting right.


From Tragedy to Togetherness
A flood tore apart this community, but it also brought couples closer together.

The Top 10 Unbelievable Marriage Records
Lauren Lubeck Blair and David E. Hough married each other for the 83rd time in 2004 and other fun marriage records.

How To Balance Your Love Life and Your Career
Finding that balance is key to making your relationship work.

A Hurricane Taught Me to Love His Family
A hurricane destroys a home and brings a woman closer to her in-laws.


Handling Honeymoon Disappointments
How a couple learned an important lesson in the beginning of their marriage.

5 Ways Having Sex Makes a Couple Stronger
Just what you need, another excuse to get busy between the sheets.