5 Ways Having Regular, Consistent Sex Makes A Couple HELLA-Strong

Five ways having sex makes you a better couple.

Having Sex Makes A Couple Stronger weheartit

Wondering where the spark went in your relationship? Find it in the bedroom. When you're a couple, sex can be a great way to make your relationship stronger. Here, five reasons having sex is good for your relationship:

1. It bonds you.

Do you feel super close with your guy after having sex? It's not your imagination. The brain releases oxytocin during sex, dubbed the "cuddle hormone." The result? You and your man feel a stronger bond. And in between the craziness and business of daily life, getting it on can be a great way to get close.


2. It makes you feel sexy.

You both know that you find each other sexy...but after the initial honeymoon phase, sometimes couples forget to remind each other. So change out of those sweatpants and take a walk down memory lane by showing each other just how irresistible you find each other. 

3. It can break you out of routine.

You get home, give each other the 60-second synopsis of your days, and do takeout and Netflix on the couch. Sound familiar? The quickest way to cure relationship boredom is to mix it up...so why not start in the bedroom?

Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than usual and pounce on him for a morning quickie. Initiate a teenager-like make-out during your next movie night. Wear your sexiest lingerie under the covers and surprise him next time he gets into bed. It might be exactly what your relationship needs.


4. It makes you feel appreciated.

There are lots of ways couples can make each other feel appreciated. He can cook you dinner. You can let him pick the movie two weeks in a row.

Or, you can spend the weekend in bed. Cancel your brunch plans, turn off your cell phones, put a moratorium on checking email, and have a sexy weekend for two, focusing on nothing but each other's pleasure for 48 hours. Neither of you will care who takes out the garbage after that.

5. It's good for you.


Recent studies have shown that sex relieves stress and is associated with lower blood pressure. Need to drop those pesky last five pounds? Spend more time in bed. An hour of sex burns 170 calories or more. Get busy five times a week and you're looking at dropping a pound a month. So do it for your health!