5 Reasons Men Love Dirty Talk

couple in bed

We asked five men why they love it when you talk dirty. Here's what they said:

1. He doesn't expect it.

"I think the reason I like it is it goes against the stereotype we learn at young age that women are innocent little creatures who would never deign to think about sex. On some level that's why I like porn too: here are women who not only like sex, but are willing to do it with a relative stranger for the whole world to see." - Derek Dirty Talk Saved My Relationship

2. It shows self-confidence.

"Dirty talk speaks strongly to self-confidence. A woman who is comfortable talking dirty is going to be less sexually inhibited and it's that confidence in bed that I find most attractive. And a woman who is more confident will also be less embarrassed about asking for what she wants, making it easier for me to do what I know she likes. But it's the confidence thing that's a real turn on." - Adam 

3. It makes him feel special.

"I think it's like a secret flash of skin, or the nipple across your arm. Selected exhibitionism. She's treating you to something not everyone gets to see. Something that could get her in trouble. And you're the one who gets it." - Kurt

4. It heightens the experience.

"Whether through role playing, acknowledgment, or conversation, talking dirty exposes the vulnerability and intimacy of sex.  It confirms that a partner is completely in the moment, and has surrendered to the uninhibited energy that feed toe curling, hair pulling, neck biting worthy sex." - Abraham Dirty Talk Dos and Don'ts

5. It's encouraging.

"It lets me know, or makes me think, she is as into the moment as I am. It's a sign of approval that what I'm doing is working, and gives me encouragement to push our boundaries. It speaks directly to my animal brain and takes ordinary making love and turns it into hot monkey love. My wife of 23 years is normally quiet in bed, and often I will "suggest" exact phrases for her to say. Sometimes it's a starting point for her to expand upon, more often she repeats it verbatim and sounds convincingly sincere. I would LOVE her to be more talkative in bed in general, and REALLY LOVE if she would use explicit language." - Andrew

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