5 Things Single Women Love To Hear

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From expressed envy to validation, here are a few things all single women love hearing.

Catching a case of the singles is different for all women. You've got your perennially single women, those who may in some ways love the status. Your newly single-and-ready-to-mingle, and the accidentally single—women who are bitter and out of practice with this whole "unattached" thing. But no matter the reason, here are five things single women love to hear.

1. I think he's gay/intimidated. A huge part of being single is experiencing rejection. There comes a time in every single woman's life when she gets blown off by a guy she could've sworn had her twisted bed sheets in his future. This takes some clever rationalization, and a good friend might provide it thusly: "Clearly, he must be gay." He just has to be. A man who would opt for nothing sexually or romantically must not be into women at all. A close second? "He's just intimidated." Oh, how those words soothe our wounds. After all, we are far too pretty and smart for the object of our affection. One time a friend told us, "He knows you're too good for him. If you two dated, you would realize this too and dump him." Brilliant. My Boyfriend Cheated On Me... With A Man

2. I wish I was single. Nothing grates on the single soul more than holidays, birthdays, weddings, family reunions and any other occasion in which hand-holding with a boyfriend with would be appropriate. But the absence of said boyfriend seems downright trivial when compared with the more vulgar displays of our coupled-up friends. Nasty fights, jealous outbursts, irrational cab-hopping, you name it, our coupled-up pals have done it in front of us. These public spats often lead to half the couple locking eyes with us and says in an even, nasty tone, "Man, I wish I was single." Single-girl schadenfreude at its best.

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