The Many Loves Of Bret Michaels


As Bret Michaels fights for his life, we take a look at some of his romances.

Musician and reality-TV star Bret Michaels was hospitalized Thursday with a life-threatening brain hemorrhage, and he remains in the intensive care unit, according to his personal site. Saturday, the winner of season 2 of Bret's reality show, Rock of Love, made what turned out to be an incorrect statement about Bret's condition—TMZ reported that Ambre Lake told them Bret was awake and talking, but his father, Wally Sychak, later said that Ambre was mistaken. While we wait and see what will happen with Bret's health, let's take a look back at some of the romances he's had in his life. Have you heard? Every rose has its thorn.

Pamela Anderson

Bret's fellow reality-show star (Pam is currently competing on Dancing With the Stars) was also his ladyfriend for a brief time in the '80s, before Pam married Tommy Lee. As you'd expect, they made a sex tape, which caused Bret some agita in 2005; he successfully managed to get the tape's release suppressed. But the lack of video evidence didn't stop him from getting in squabbles with Pam's later husbands, Tommy and Kid Rock. In 2007 after Tommy and Kid brawled in public, Bret bragged to Rolling Stone, "All I know is I was the first rocker to get Pam." 6 Infamous Celebrity Sex Tape Stars

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