Is Bret Michaels Sleeping With Miley Cyrus' Mom?

Bret Michaels

Rumors of Miley's parents' marital problems fueled by her mom's friendship with the aging rocker.

According to a new Star Magazine report, there's trouble in paradise for Miley Cyrus' parents, Billy Ray Cyrus and the former Tish Finley. "Insiders" claim that since Billy Ray has "gone Hollywood," Tish has become increasingly frustrated and may be looking for an outlet for that frustration. Enter Bret Michaels, who never met a heavily made up blonde he didn't want to "comfort." 6 Infamous Celebrity Sex Tape Stars

Apparently, Tish and Bret hit it off at the end of last year, when Miley joined Bret in the studio to record a cover of Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." 

'Billy Ray and Tish are spending more and more time apart,' says an insider. 'They have a lot of major issues.' [They] are trying to work through their problems,' says a source. 'But it looks like the marriage is in serious trouble.'

'Tish and Bret spend a lot of time in the studio together,' says Bret’s rep, who insists that two have a 'strictly business' relationship. 'They talk all the time.' [Source: Star Magazine, 2/22/10]

Now, Celebitchy brings up a good point: if Miley and Brett just recorded one song together last year, why is her mom still spending time in the studio together? If that's true, this "friendship" definitely seems fishy. If the two are having an affair, we hope Billy Ray's achy breaky heart doesn't found out. Something tells us that it just wouldn't understand. Can Cheating Ever Be Good For A Relationship?

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