Landon Donovan Files For Divorce, Asks For Spousal Support

Despite making over $2 million a year, the soccer star is asking for money from wife Bianca Kajlich.

Landon Donovan

Soccer player Landon Donovan and his wife, actress Bianca Kajlich, called it quits for good in 2010, after being separated for more than a year. 

Although Landon filed divorce papers in Los Angeles, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the 33-year-old World Cup hottie (who ranked 18th on our list of the most dateable celeb men) and the 28-year-old Rules of Engagement star are headed for divorce. Those reports of him having a love child with another woman last summer probably damped whatever lingering feelings the two might have had for each other during those exciting World Cup days. And, sadly, even though the paternity allegations turned out to be untrue (and, not to mention, that Landon dedicated a goal to Bianca in a seemingly romantic move,) it seems that the couple couldn’t reconcile all of their differences and are now ready to move on for good.


"We remain the closest of friends and will always be important parts of each other's lives," the pair said in a joint statement, reports CNN.

What was unexpected was the fact that Landon sought spousal support, as well as attorney fees from Bianca, despite having a pretty good gig as the forward for the LA Galaxy soccer team. According to (via the New York Times) Landon made over $2 million a year, second only to David Beckham as the highest paid member of the team, so we have to agree with CafeMom’s stance when they declared "WTF" on Landon’s request for spousal support. 

Claiming to be BFFs with his ex-wife and then asking her to pony up that kind of cash when he's already a millionaire just seems a tad hypocritcal, doesn’t it? Especially when Landon comes across as being more responsible for a lot of their relationship drama.


Update November 22, 2014: Landon Donovan announced that he is retiring from the Los Angeles Galaxy without regrets and saying goodbye to his Major League Soccer career. We wish him the very best.