Landon Donovan May Have An English Baby

Landon Donovan love child
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British woman says U.S. soccer star Donovan got her pregnant while he was separated from his wife.

When it rains for the U.S. soccer team, it pours. Just a day after the American squad was eliminated from the 2010 World Cup after a grueling, heartbreaking extra time defeat at the hands of the Black Stars of Ghana, Sports Illustrated reported that midfielder Landon Donovan, the hero of the team's run to the round of 16, may have gotten a British woman pregnant while he was on loan to the Premier League club Everton last year. And while he was still married to his estranged wife, Bianca Kajlich, with whom he began trying to reconcile after the U.S. team's stunning injury-time win over Algeria. Oh, Landon. So much pain.

The legendarily rabid British tabloids are reporting that Landon knocked up an unnamed Englishwoman and that he learned of the pregnancy while in South Africa. Landon gave a statement to on Saturday, saying, "I was informed of the possibility during the World Cup, and if I need to take responsibility, then I will provide the appropriate support. This is a private matter and I will refrain from further comment at this time." John Edwards' Love-Child Hush-Money Cover-Up

Landon and Bianca married in 2006 and separated last year, although he said last week they weren't officially divorced. They were reportedly on the verge of a reconciliation last week, according to a friend of hers, who said, "It would surprise no one if Landon and Bianca were back together very soon. They have remained in contact and are very close to one another." And Landon publicly credited Bianca with helping him become a better soccer player and person, saying about their breakup last year, "Sometimes you learn more from those moments than anything. For me that was certainly the case. It doesn't have to be something ugly or nasty. It can be helpful and you can grow from it. That is what we both took from it." Should I Let Him See Others During Our Separation?

So, a couple of things. First, it's really tacky of this unnamed woman to run tattling to the tabloids about her pregnancy right now. It's a credit to Landon that he's being an upstanding guy, pledging to support the child if it's his (unlike some gross dudes we could name, cough cough John Edwards...Jude Law...Diego Maradona), but isn't this something that Mystery Lady could have handled privately? The man has an agent, a lawyer and a publicist. She didn't need to use The Daily Mail as her personal email. How Do Guys Feel About Privacy In A Relationship?

Second, look how far U.S. soccer has come! We have an honest-to-goodness Random Lady Accuses Superstar of Fathering Her Baby scandal! If that's not proof of soccer's increasing relevance to American sports fans, we don't know what is. We already had our own little John Terry scandal eleven years before the English did. Now all we need is a doping fiasco and we'll be a world power in the beautiful game. Not quite Brazil, but maybe kind of Germany-ish. USA! USA! Super Bowl vs. World Cup

Third, and more seriously, if Landon and Bianca are serious about reconciling, we hope this doesn't get in the way. They were, after all, separated, and it seems a given that if you feel your marriage is over, you date other people. And, you know, accidents happen. Even our great keeper, Tim Howard, can't keep the ball out of the net all the time. Also, we now have "Love Child" by Diana Ross stuck in our head. You're welcome.

Via People and Sports Illustrated.