'Restless Genital Syndrome' And 3 Other Super-Weird Disorders

Everything from sex headaches to persistent arousal...

'Restless Genital Syndrome' And 3 More BIZARRE Sex Disorders NDAB Creativity / Shutterstock

We stumbled upon a head-scratching tale involving a woman from Manchester, England, a Wii Balance board and nasty fall that won't allow her genitals to calm down. Yes, you read that correctly: No scraped knees or concussions, just an overachieving clitoris.

Doctors say falling off her Wii Balance Board damaged a nerve and is now causing "persistent sexual arousal syndrome" for the Brit Lady. The woman complains about a constant buzzing in her genitals that can lead to a "trembling orgasm." There's no cure so she'll just have to find a "superstud" to fulfill her, she says.


As much as we want to roll our eyes and laugh at those crazy Brits and their tabloid tales, after a little research we found that Restless Genital Syndrome (also known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder) does in fact exist, and is caused by some sort of nerve damage.

The disorder doesn't appear to last forever, though. Medical professionals say it can vanish as mysteriously as it appeared and many times only lasts for a few weeks or months. Which isn't a lifetime, sure, but still murderously long for such an ailment. 

Below are three more oddball sexual disorders that make your garden variety "sexual addiction" seem manageable:


1. Coital cephalalgia causes torturous headaches on the brink of orgasm.

While these head pains could be subtle and last for days, others develop almost instantaneously during intercourse, characterized as "severe pain behind the eyes." Anything from tumors, an adverse affect from erectile dysfunction medicine, to just not being active enough can cause coital cephalalgia. Ouch.

2. Sexsomnia involves sleepwalking-like masturbation sessions.

Or worse, aggressive attempts at sleep sex. The person has no memory of this the next morning and there have actually even been rape cases where the defendant used sexsomnia as a defense. Needless to say, such a disorder is very hard to prove and may have its roots in sleep-related epilepsy or sleep apnea.


3. Priapism is a fancy term for a penis that once erect, stays erect.

Sickle-cell anemia, leukemia and spinal cord trauma can cause an erection that just won't quit. For men suffering from this disorder (named after the Greek God of fertility, Priapus) an emergency room visit is required. Once there, doctors are forced to drain blood from the penis in order to get it back to its relaxed state.