Bad Romance: 8 Worst Celebrity Stalkers

Catherine Zeta Jones celebrity stalkers

ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews isn't the first celebrity to have to deal with the trauma of an obsessed fan—if you recall, a horrible pimple of a man stalked Andrews on road trips and secretly filmed her through the keyhole of her hotel room, then put the nude pictures of her on the Internet. Creepy slime Michael David Barrett was sentenced to 30 months in prison last month, but no sooner was he put away than we learned that another obsessed jackoff sent threatening letters to Erin via DirecTV's Dan Patrick Show. Ugh. So join us, why don't you, as we count down the eight worst celebrity stalkers. (Ooh. You know how you can tell Heidi and Spencer aren't actually famous? Mentally ill people don't fixate on them. Think about that.) Alyssa Milano Seeks Protection from Stalker

John Hinckley

Seriously, worst stalker ever. Failed songwriter Hinckley became obsessed with Jodie Foster after seeing Taxi Driver in 1976, and decided that the best way to impress Jodie would be to shoot President Reagan. That's logical, right? While Jodie was in college at Yale, Hinckley also followed her to New Haven and slipped notes under her door. After his attempt on Reagan's life, Hinckley was committed and remains in jail. Lesson: No one is impressed when you shoot the president, Lee Harvey Jackass.

Mark David Chapman

Kind of a toss-up as to which of these should be first, right? Chapman, the world's most dedicated Rolling Stones fan, shot and killed John Lennon on December 8, 1980, robbing Julian and Sean of their dad and the world of God knows how much great music, and also ensuring that Jared Leto would give himself gout in a vain attempt at winning an Oscar. Earlier that day, Lennon signed a copy of his and Yoko Ono's album Double Fantasy for Chapman outside his apartment building. Ungrateful bastard.

William Lepeska

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Anna Kournikova's stalker is that rare kind: the unfaithful stalker. See, he spent five years obsessed with former Spice Girl Mel B, but then moved on to the Russian tennis player. "Finally I said the heck with her, moving on to greener pastures," Lepeska told a British paper in 2005 when he was arrested. And why was he arrested? Why, because he swam naked across Biscayne Bay to get to Anna's Miami Beach home and was found wandering around her neighbor's garden. Well, naked except for the "Anna" tattoo on his right arm. Crazy(no)pants!