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A columnist for The Frisky takes a break from her regularly scheduled "Sex with Susannah" programming to bring you breaking news from the "everything your mother never told you about sex" front. During the course of writing her column, receiving reader letters, and writing about sex and relationships for The Frisky, it's come to her attention that there are certain basic sex life facts that it would behoove everyone to know, especially the ladies. Find out what they are! The Frisky: Moves Women Love In Bed But Can Be Too Afraid To Ask For

Penises Are Weird. They're big, they're small. They point up, they point down. They have minds of their own. For as long as you live, you will never understand them. The Frisky: 13 Amazing Penis Facts

If It's Broke, Fix It. The majority of letters I get fall into the category of garden-variety sexual problems. Either he or she can't get into it, he or she isn't getting it or giving it enough, and/or he or she cannot orgasm and cannot figure out why he or she cannot orgasm. If you fall into this category: Get professional help! In all likelihood, there's nothing terribly wrong with you or him, but a trip to the doctor or a visit to a therapist may help you and your partner resolve your sexual issues. If you don't solve it, you will regret it.

Men Are Simple. You're about to have sex, but you're worried a) about the cellulite on your butt, b) about the pimple on your face, c) that your boobs are too small, d) that your boobs are too big, d) that you're wearing granny panties, e) that you're too old, f) that you're too fat, g) that you're too thin—blah, BLAH, BLAH. Here's a newsflash: Men don't care. Really. I swear. They don't. If they say they do, they're really articulating something about something else, and it's their issue. The Frisky: Our 10 Weirdest Sexual Experiences

Experiment or Perish. Sure, there are some exceptions. I'm sure they are plenty of people out there who like to have sex with the same person in the missionary position for untold decades. Most people aren't like that. As long as everyone involved is safe, sane, and consensual, or however that saying goes, think of sex as a new frontier that never ends. Your sex life is like a window into your soul, and if it's boring you, guess what? It's probably boring him, too. Get frisky and try new things. The Frisky: MERRIme, A New Web Comedy About Online Dating

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